Stifel Services

Investment Products and Services Offered Through Stifel:
– Variable, Immediate, and Fixed
•Asset Allocation
•Cash Management (Stifel Prestige® Accounts)
–  Check Writing
–  Debit MasterCard®
–  Bill Payment Services
–  Stifel @ccess (online account access)
•College Planning
 –   529 College Savings Plans
 –   Education Savings Accounts
•Common Stocks
•Consulting Services (Fee-Based Programs)
•Corporate Executive Services
 –   Cashless Stock Options Exercise
 –   Control and Restricted Stock Transactions
 –   Rule 10b5-1 Plans
•Corporate Finance
•Equity Line of Credit
•Estate Planning
•Exchange Traded Funds and Notes
•Financial and Wealth Planning
•Fixed Income Investments
 –   Certificates of Deposit
 –   Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs)
 –   Corporate Bonds
 –   Government and Agency Securities
 –   Municipal Bonds
–  Business Owner Needs
–  Disability Insurance
  (Individual and Group)
–  Life Insurance
  (Individual and Business Policies)
–  Long-Term Care Insurance
–  Traditional, Roth, and Rollovers
•Managed Money
•Money Market Funds
•Mutual Funds
•Preferred Stocks
•Public Finance
•Retirement Planning
•Retirement Plans
–  401(k) Plans
–  403(b) Plans
–  Profit Sharing Plans
–  Money Purchase Plans
–  Defined Benefit
•Syndicate Offerings
•Unit Investment Trusts