My Process

I employ a consultative approach to investment advice.

Through conversation, I want to learn about my clients':

• Time horizon
• Investment objectives
• Risk tolerance
• Liquidity needs
• Tax considerations
After learning these vital factors, I arrive at an asset allocation model, which sets forth my recommendations for how much my client should have in equities, fixed income, alternative investments, and cash.
After proposing my asset allocation model, we discuss the specific assets we utilize in each of the broad asset class categories. Through Stifel I can offer the following: stocks, bonds (government, municipal, corporate, high yield, and convertible), mutual funds, unit trusts, structured notes, annuities, REITs, closed-end funds, hedge funds, and more.
After gaining agreement on the specific assets appropriate to your needs, we implement the proposal and make the appropriate investments.

We monitor the portfolio regularly and rebalance quarterly or as needed.


Rebalancing does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.